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Mainstream Resources has been retained by several private and commercial entities to design and conduct limnological monitoring. 

Limnological data, as they are systematically collected over the long term, will describe trends in water and habitat quality in surface water bodies.  Several water bodies have served as reference stations for this monitoring to aid in tracking differences.    Michigan Department of Environmental Quality/Surface Water Quality staff members have collaborated in the development of these monitoring designs. 

The following pictures are a few collected during the last two years of field work.

Limnological Monitoring

Limnological sampling



Macrophyte Survey

Bathymetric map created for macrophyte surveys

Macrophyte sample collected with a plant rake

Recording data




Surface Water Monitoring

Gauges monitor water levels over time

Close-up of the temperature datalogger

Meter used to monitor dissolved oxygen levels

Downloading stream data from automatic recorders

Discharge determination in a small headwater stream



Fisheries and Macroinvertebrate Surveys

Electrofishing survey for resident trout

Fisheries survey in a first-order stream

Brown trout collected during an electrofishing survey

Dip nets used for macroinvertebrate surveys in streams

Macroinvertebrates collected from a dip net sample

Preparing to set Fyke nets to assess the fish population in Coldwater Lake

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