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Mainstream Resources offers the complete suite of services necessary to carry a project from conception through construction.  Services can be provided on a turnkey basis or on an as-needed basis as directed by the client.  We would be pleased to talk with you regarding your specific project needs.  The following is provided as a summary of the types of services which Mainstream Resources offers its clients on a day-to-day basis:

Grant Writing and Project Planning

  • Mainstream Resources provides grant writing services
  • Assist clients in identifying and pursuing funding sources
  • Assist clients in defining their project and planning for its implementation
  • Watershed assessment and plan development
  • Land use planning

  • Lake and stream habitat surveys and mapping


  • Hassle-free permit application processing is provided for the client

Project Design

  • Project planning and design services
  • Site investigations

Limnological Services

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Surface water quality monitoring
  • Macrophyte surveys

Fisheries Management

  • Population assessments in lakes, reservoirs and streams
  • Analysis of lake and stream benthic communities
  • Sport fishery surveys and monitoring
  • Selective fish removal and planting

Project Implementation

  • Design and construction of fish habitat in lakes and streams

  • Streambank stabilization and erosion control

  • Construction of aquatic habitat restoration projects

  • Turnkey services and construction management

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