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The City of Birmingham contracted with Restoration Dredging in 2002 to restore Quarton Lake, a 13-acre impoundment within the city limits.  Mainstream Resources provided subcontractor services including, aquatic habitat construction and fish removal services.  

The Quarton Lake Restoration Project is an example of how interdisciplinary teams can be successful at restoring aquatic environments.  Thirty years had elapsed since Quarton Lake had been dredged.  Over that period significant volumes of sediment had accumulated within the impoundment, smothering aquatic habitats and adversely affecting water quality.  The project team was able to remove accumulated sediments and enhance in-lake habitat through a variety of measures illustrated below.


Limestone overlooks provide users with views of Quarton Lake

Fish habitat structure constructed and placed in Quarton Lake in the winter to improve fish populations

Several fish structures constructed on Quarton Lake

Versi-Dredge remove accumulated sediment from Quarton Lake

Geobags are used to contain dredged sediments

Spawning gravel was added for sportfish

Carp were collected via electrofishing and removed from the lake

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